02/11/2010 A partnership STOKOTA – BUCHEN for industrial cleaning


STOKOTA SA, manufacturer of tank equipments for tanks on chassis with cabin, trailers and semi-trailers for the transport and distribution of dangerous liquids, has signed a cooperation agreement with the BUCHEN group for the execution of an order of 8 equipments forindustrial cleaning with a total value of 1.6 million Euro.


BUCHEN, a group of German origin, is a very active service provider in Europe and the Middle East in the sectors of industrial cleaning, processing of dangerous waste and soil sanitation.


In Belgium, BUCHEN INDUSTRIAL SERVICES owns 6 sites : 2 in Wallonia (Ivoz-Ramet and Manage) and 4 in Flanders (Olen, Antwerp, Ghent and Genk). From each of these sites the company proposes its services to various industrial sectors mainly in Belgium but also in France and Holland. The 2 Belgian companies of the BUCHEN group realised a turnover of 21 million Euro in 2009 and employ 200 people.


This project consists in the manufacturing of 8 new work superstructures mounted on 4-axle truck chassis with cabin. These our composed out of 2 different parts : on the one hand a vacuum hoover unit with a 16m³ tank and a high capacity vacuum pump (3000m³ per hour), and on the other hand a newest generation high pressure pump able to produce an 850 bar water jet with a flow of 158 liters per minute.


This type of unit will allow a whole range of work possibilities in industrial cleaning, such as the sucking up of liquid products, high pressure surface cleaning, the cleaning of exchangers, unblocking of all piping, purging tanks, and also, the transport of dangerous goods in conformity with the ADR legislation.


STOKOTA was able to offer though its experience innovative technical solutions both on the field of design as well as regarding construction.


These vehicles will be used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in power stations and nuclear plants, in the sector of water and gas distribution as well as in the extraction industries (lime and cement).


STOKOTA was able to meet the BUCHEN tender requirements because of its flexibility, its engineering team and its human and technological know-how both for the economic, technological, ergonomic and ecological aspects and also regarding safety. STOKOTA, manufacturer of tanks in aluminium and stainless steel, and of waste and cleaning vehicles, produces also low- and flat-bed semi-trailers for the transport of big and heavy charges. STOKOTA is part of the VERGALLE group that is active in the steel transforming sector with a turn-over of 150 million Euro in 2009.