06/02/2012 STOKOTA join forces with MAINE GROUP LTD for UK and Ireland



STOKOTA joins forces with MAINE GROUP LTD  for UK and Ireland

The Belgian firm STOKOTA SA (hereinafter referred to as STOKOTA), manufacturer of tank trucks, trailers and semi-trailers for the transport and distribution of hazardous liquids, has signed a sales agreement with MAINE GROUP LTD for the UK and Ireland as well as Cyrpus and Malta (who adopt UK approvals for road fuel tanks and drive on the left!)

MAINE GROUP LTD is a family business with over 50 years of experience in the fuel sector, starting as a fuel distributor in Northern Ireland it later grew into a tank repair and building facility with sales of related components. A recent addition has been the sale of specialized hydraulics applications many of which also relate to the fuel industry.

Today, MAINE GROUP LTD has an extensive service network (30 service stations) both in the UK and Ireland, which provides customers help, quickly and locally keeping downtime to a minimum. Maine also have 5 service vehicles with 24 hour call-out guaranteeing the promptest response to any breakdown need.

Matthew Gilmore (CEO) is responsible for the Irish and Northern Irish market, while Dave Stanley (Sales Manager) looks after the UK mainland market. Both individuals have extensive experience in both the fuel and in industrial cleaning industry.

Due to the increased product availability, the MAINE GROUP LTD will sell not only Stokota Fuel tankers, LPG and Aircraft refueller barrels, but also other Stokota products including vacuum trailers, combination vehicles, drain cleaners for industrial cleaning and special build low-loaders.

Mr. M. Hertegonne CEO STOKOTA, is very happy with this agreement, “this cooperation is a foundation for significant growth in sales of Stokota products in UK and Ireland” he said.

Commenting on the agreement, Matthew Gilmore CEO of Maine said “we are delighted to have taken this next step in the development of the Maine Group with Stokota. We looked at other partners before deciding to work with Stokota and it was their strong commitment to trying to meet our requirements early on that convinced us that this was a partnership that would work in the long term. The fact that it increases our own product portfolio at the same time is an ideal hedge against the ups and downs of being active in only one market and we are looking forward to our future together with a lot of optimism”

STOKOTA operates internationally with four production sites in Belgium (Lokeren), Poland (Kielce andElblag) and France (Raismes), and has a European dealer network. STOKOTA is part of the Belgian 

Group VERGALLE, active in the metal sector with a turnover exceeding 170 million euros in 2011.


MAIN GROUP LTD is mainly active in UK and Ireland and has sold over 500 fuel tanks in its history as a manufacturer and retailer of this type of equipment


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STOKOTA NV (Headquarters)
Contactperson: Erik De Sadeleer  (Export Sales Manager)
Dijkstraat 23
B-9160 Lokeren
Tel.:  +32 9 349 1718
E-mail: erik.desadeleer@stokota.be