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Stokota wins a prestigious award
The best Belgian company in Poland



Lokeren, 25 November  2013 – Stokota has recently obtained the prestigious Bepolux award out of the hands of our Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders. Stokota can call itself for one year the best Belgian company in Poland.

In its motivation the jury took into consideration the specialization of the products of Stokota  involving  with significant technological innovation, transfer of know how to Poland and contribution to the modernization to the Polish industry. It was also important for the jury that the company invested in a region characterized by a still unrealized development potential and relatively high unemployment, well outside the main cities and regions with already substantial economic and industrial development.  It was noticed that with its contribution to Polish export Stokota contributes to the international visibility and the quality of the image of the Polish industry. The employment of a larger number of higher educated local Polish staff, and the impact of Stokota on social progress in a region with high development needs, was an additional argument for the decision of the jury.


More than 300 employees share this along with CEO Mario Hertegonne and President Frank Vergalle.  Stokota is since 1996 active in Poland with currently two production sites. Stokota is busy to optimize and automate the production so that the delivery time will be shorter and the already excellent quality will be higher. Through a focused strategy and investments Stokota managed to be an European market leader in the tank vehicles. Despite the crisis Stokota managed to keep its success in this branch of industry. This award is a recognition of the right tactics and vision for Stokota. Soon Stokota will announce numerous innovations that will make the company stronger for the next decade.  We thank all our employees, without whom we would not have been able to achieve this award. Stokota, already 50 years in business.




About the company


STOKOTA is a manufacturer of tank trucks, trailers and semi-trailers for the transport and distribution of fuels and high pressure and vacuum trucks for industrial cleaning.

Stokota is also a manufacturer of aircraft refueling vehicles and special vehicles such as moving floors and semi low loaders.





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