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About Stokota

The company was established in Belgium in 1963 with production of underground fuel tanks for domestic heating oil, hence the abbreviation “STOKOTA” which is derived from the Dutch word “STOOKOLIETANKS”. The company expanded rapidly and developed quality welded storage tanks. In 1967 the company started manufacturing road tankers, a market in which, over the years, Stokota quickly became a leading specialist in the Benelux region.

The nineties were charaterized by the diversification into environmental vehicles (vacuum tank units and combination units used for waste transport and industrial and city cleaning). There was a stronger focus on the export market.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Stokota’s growth was further enhanced by acquisitions and the establisment of new branches. In 1996 the first Polish branch was founded in Kielce.  In 1998 competitor EKW was acquired and Stokota diversified into the construction of special trailers.

In 2000 CIME, in Raismes in the north of France, was acquired, further widening Stokota’s geographical spread. The Polish branch was further extended by a second production plant in Elblag in 2001.

The company has always succeeded in integration the different manufacturing plants into the Stokota philosophy. The high quality of the products and after sales service from the company resulted in:

  • A strong market position in the construction of tankers for both the East and West European markets.
  • An enforced product innovation in the construction of environmental vehicles.
  • Innovative products such as hydraulically steered and extendable trailers.
About Us
About Us

The aim to streamline production and keep the product portfolio closer to the company history meant the ending of the Building & Logistics division, which featured special trailers such as low-bed transport trailers. Instead, the Walking Floors division was launched in 2014.  Trailers with different moving slats on the trailer floor to create a convenient way of loading and unloading bulk goods in a trailer.

With years of experience from fuel tankers and after being awarded with a major contract in military aircraft refuellers, the next logical step to a new department was quickly made. In 2016 the latest and newest division of Stokota was created. Stokota Aviation Fuelling Vehicles focusses on aircraft refuelling vehicles, hydrant carts, pit cleaner and flusher combinations and other ground support equipment such as drain carts or fuelling steps.

Today, Stokota is a ambitious company with vehicles in service across Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. Starting on public roads, airports and industrial sites.


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