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Dry product vacuum loaders

This unit can only be used to suck dry materials. A vacuum installation up to 9000m³/h with cyclone and fine filter protection is fitted to obtain this.

A dry product vacuum loader is also available with a self lifting system (Hi Lift VAC) to unload the material in big bag, high containers or other recipients. An example is shown in the image below.



The complete unit is mounted on a skid which can be lifted by a hook lift system on the truck (rigids only). All is driven by a stationary ICE or hydraulically from the truck engine.


Dust prevention units

These units are used on bulk sites where large amounts of dry bulk materials are stowed (e.g. coals, sand, …). Sprinklers keep the surfaces wet so the generated dust is kept under control.

The unit has a spraying monitor which sprays water in all directions.

With or without a spraying bar on the lower part of the truck to spray road surfaces.

These units are available both as rigid or semi-trailer.

Videos on the bottom of this page.


Tank cleaning & Foaming units

This special unit can clean a complete fuel tank and fill it with foam.


Recycling units

At places where there is no or little water available, the recycling unit is the best option.  It recycles the water out of the sludge tank so it can be reused for further cleaning.



These units clean the fumes or vapor (VOC stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds”) from the sludge tank before exhausting it into the atmosphere.