01/01/2016 Stokota delivers 25 aircraft refuellers to the Belgian Air Force


Stokota delivers 25 aircraft refuellers to the Belgian Air Force



Stokota and Volvo Trucks Belgium last year delivered 16 aircraft refuellers or 'bowsers' to the Belgiam Army.


This year, 10 more will follow while the Belgian Air Force receives a total of 25 trucks and the country's Navy one. Orders placed by the Defence Ministry are deemed to be complex and demanding, so both Stokota and Volvo, this is seen as a great achievement.


The vehicles - tankers adapted for refuelling aircrafts and helicopters - are Volvo FM Trucks with the superstructure supplied by Stokota, based in Lokeren. These aircraft refuellers will not only be committed in Belgium an Europe, but also during missions overseas. In some countries, fuel quality is more than random, with a Euro 6 engine, the failure risk can be too high. The Ministry of Defence therefore requested approval to acquire trucks with Euro 3 standards.


Each tank has a capacity of 18.000 litres, but with the addition of a trailer hook it is also possible to tow a trailer containing an additional 18.000 litres of kerosene. The truck is designed for air bases at Koksijde, Melsbroek, Kleine Brogel, Florennes and Beauvechain. They are used for refuelling C130, Alpha Jet, F16 and other aircrafts. One of them, allready in use at the base of Zeebrugge is assigned to refuel helicopters.