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Stokota nv has launched their new LPG semi-trailer on the market.

Dimensions: Length: 11.950 mm

Width: 2.550 mm

Height: 3.650 mm

Maximum allowable load: 34.000 kg
Meter equipment Direct measured pump discharge through Micro Motion™ F-Series Flow and Density Meter via pneumatic driven reel situated at right vehicle side
Other info The tank is designed for road transport of liquefied gases according to ADR classification belonging to class 2 with classification code 2F: propan, butan and their mixtures: A, A01, A02, A0, A1, B, B1, B2, C.

The tank is designed in accordance with PN-EN 14025: 2018 and ADR 2019, meets the requirements of PN-EN 12252: 2014 and Council Directive 2010/35/EU.